Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer


Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer
One of the strongest sanitizer’s available this product qualifies as Medical/Hospital Grade under the FDA’s guidelines. The product contains over 77% by vol. food grade ethyl alcohol (food grade is the highest grade of purity for an alcohol) with plenty of humectants, such as Vitamin E. The product will kill any microbes on your skin without leaving it dry after repeated use. The product is slightly higher in cost due to the quality of the ingredients and the higher percentage of a food-grade alcohol.

Hand Sanitizer with Collagen
Our team has created the first Medical Grade sanitizer that has blended piscine collagen within a food grade ethyl alcohol solution to create an amazing sanitizing gel that combines a strong sanitizing gel with an equally strong collagen infusion to help protect and rejuvenate your skin.

Hand Sanitizer with CBD
Using our strong Medical Grade sanitizer as a base we have infused a solvent-free CBD. The pure ethyl alcohol facilitates the transfer of CBD into your hand as well as the sanitizer cleaning your hands. This product is perfect for those with tissue or inflammatory issues. Loaded with humectants such as Vitamin E you are getting a great product that allows you to continue your CBD regimen as you take care of your hygiene regimen.

Hand Sanitizer with Collagen & CBD
Our team went further to combine not just Collagen, but we infused our solvent-free CBD along with our Piscine Collagen to develop a hand sanitizer that allows the benefits of both products to be worked into your hands. We believe there is no other product that offers such a combination, especially at a Medical Grade, designed to bring the most benefit of any hand sanitizer on the market.

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