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Q4 Extra Strength CBD Therapeutic Gel

CBD Extra Strength Therapeutic Gel can be a powerful tool in reducing inflammation and, along with other ingredients, can reduce discomfort associated with these chronic or non-chronic conditions.

By increasing the CBD content and using a strong permeation enhancer to get the CBD through the skin and into your targeted area, this product should make a significant difference in your pain and healing routines.

Wide Range Of Use

Healthcare Professionals

Excellent for physical therapists and chiropractors to use in everyday practice to ease their patients’ pain.


Keep yourself off the bench by having a better pain management and healing routine.

Chronic Pain

Helps with chronic pain to allow you to take your life back and get through the day.

Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer

Our standard hand sanitizer is one of the strongest available with over 70% ethyl alcohol by mass (76.9% by volume). The alcohol we use is of the purest form and a high food grade that you can trust.

Our scientists have put in great time and effort to provide you a superior product that won’t dry out your hands while providing exceptional hand sanitizing each and every time that you use it.

Sanitizer Options

Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer

We offer one of the strongest hand sanitizers to provide you with the ease of mind you deserve.

Hand Sanitizer with Collagen

Add collagen back to your skin while you soften and clean your hands at the same time.

Hand Sanitizer with CBD

This product maintains a high level of alcohol while adding the pain-relieving benefits of CBD.

Hand Sanitizer with Collagen & CBD

Double your benefits with a powerful hand sanitizer that softens and relieves your pain.

Who We Are


Quantum Four Labs was created by four engineers, scientists, and business professionals. Our interest was to make the highest quality products available in the market. We kept seeing many people offer lower prices, but no higher quality products (though some claimed to be but lied), so we decided to change that.

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Our mission is to create an effective, quality product using an innovative process. All of our gels are made to the highest standards to ensure absolute satisfaction. Every product is medical grade, and US FDA approved to keep our customers happy.

Our Approach

Our products are all made to the highest medical standards with no distillate blends. It is why our customers keep coming back as the products work and work quickly.

Medical Grade

Highest Quality

Innovative Process

Effective Treatment

What Clients Say

After trying dozens of products on the market, I have finally found a product that is pure, simple and effective. A quality product that I recommend to my patients.

Dr. Edward Chang

I had a deep hip bruise and nothing worked - I massaged in the extra strength therapeutic gel 3 times and I could not believe how well it worked. This is a must have.

Gregory J, Patient

I had pulled my calf muscle and was out of action. I was given the therapeutic gel by a friend, rubbed it in and was just chatting when a few minutes later he asked me how I was feeling. The pain was gone, I had mobility, and the swelling was drastically reduced. I recommend this to all my patients.

Dr. David A. MD

I've had severe soreness in my foot for over 15 years and nothing worked. My doctor rubbed this into my area during a treatment. I walked without pain for the first time in almost 2 decades - this therapeutic gel works!

John S, Patient

I'm in my late 80's and have had terribly arthritic hands for over 30 years. I could not close either hand, but I tried the CBD sanitizing gel. Within a few minutes I noticed the inflammation decrease, the pain lessen, and it was like magic. After a few days I was able to close my hands - amazing!

Ted C, Patient